It is what it is…simply be.

I was a passionate searcher. I seeked high and low for most of my life up till recently. And without seeking I discover the truth of letting go all that encompasses my thoughts and yearnings. I no longer look to seek within to receive without. But instead I simply remain still in the awareness of presence and all that is. Now I am found and all that needs to be lost drops off and goes. And all that is discovered comes through openess of ease. No more an entry for the battle of controlled struggle. ❤

The Stairway To Your Trust…

Be conscious of what source you are functioning from. Be aware if you are being propelled and engulfed in fear or peace. 

If it’s fear based your decisions will lead to an outcome that will not be beneficial to you later on down the road. (Unless of course its a fear for an immediate decision to physically protect yourself or others). 

Identify the motivating source by reflecting on your thoughts of what you are telling yourself in a certain situation. Once you do recognise its orientation and if you find its fear…let go. Breath and do something different. Whether its “no im not going to do what I always would of done” or what you may of originally labelled as common sense and habitually reacted from. 

Now look at what you would call common sense. Is this the only way? Is this the highest good for my life? Is there an even better way? Is it really that rationale?..Recieve the answers to these questions. Then take a deep breathe and relax and let go.

What you will find is that if you even need to even make a decision it will naturally arise from the source of inner peace and this time from your own truth. A new truth born from within you that had always been awaiting your recognition. You may even find that you need to take no action (which is an action by omission so don’t ever underestimate that you are not doing something) and do nothing more but trust All is going to be OK. 

By giving yourself this space and time you will no longer be operating from your dysfuctional defaulted fears but rather from a self concious inner truth that will faithfully guide you to your inner freedom. 

It will build your self confidence, worth, trust within yourself, in your decisions, life, in and around you. 

Today choose to let go and relax before you make any decision. 

It’s here you will open the door to the stairway of trusting yourself and loving yourself like you never have before and very much deserve to.

Love yourself a lot more and Let go.


Discovery of Self…


I use to disregard my dreams.
See them as just pointless imaginations  or futile ideas.
But now I know my dreams were signs to lead me to my true self.
I too am a star in the sky.
You may see me some nights and other nights you may not.
But I’m can’t help but to keep shining.
Because that is who I am.




We can do many things.
Enjoy the different experiences.
It’s in the appreciation and understanding of the view one another holds, that determines unity, alignment and surrender.
We are all unique.

Excuse Me…


Excuse me as I embrace Myself.

As I am now free of opinion.
Too busy enjoying Me.
No room for recognition.
Letting go off all that I was told.
Unfolding a story,
that was once suppressed for being too bold.
Real life.
Real Me.
Open your own mind.
Set yourself Free…
That person is now Me.

We Are All But Souls…


I know you.
You know me.
Soul connections.
Loving freely.
No definition.
Dictation aside.
Having fun.
Living in the moment.
No fear.
No insecurity.
No need to run.




I don’t care how big your struggles are. Or how deep the aching and yearning of your inner most pain.
You are designed for Greatness.

Psst…your story shows that.